Private Credit

The Fiera Private Credit strategies aim to deliver both stability and enhanced yield, while their low correlation to traditional asset classes provides diversification benefits and a reduction in portfolio risk.

Key Takeways

What Is Private Credit?
The Private Credit asset class involves direct lending to borrowers that don’t have access to larger markets such as banks or the public bond market.

The Case for Private Credit
Given the higher risk assumed by non-bank lenders and the illiquidity premium, investors are privy to more attractive interest rates than traditional bonds.

An All-Encompassing Private Credit Platform
Our diversified suite of private credit strategies span globally across real estate, corporate, and infrastructure financing.

Proven Risk-Adjusted Performance
Our private credit platform has demonstrated a solid track record of risk-adjusted performance, some with over 10 years of track record.

Focus on ESG and Responsible Investing
We are committed to ensuring that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are integrated into the private credit investment processes.


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