Proud sponsor of the 10th anniversary of the Centre de Pédiatrie Sociale Laval

​​Fiera Private Debt is proud to be a major partner in support of the Centre de Pédiatrie Sociale Laval’s 10th anniversary.

To mark this important milestone in its history, the Centre de Pédiatrie Sociale Laval is launching a fundraising campaign. The campaign aims to promote the Centre’s mission and raise $100,000 to help the organization meet the growing demand for its services.

In 10 years, the Centre has improved the well-being of more than a thousand Laval residents in extremely vulnerable situations. This represents close to 30,000 interventions, each one aimed at supporting the growth and development of the child.

The Centre de Pédiatrie Sociale Laval is a non-profit organization that provides activities and care to children in its community. The Centre contributes to the overall development of children and adolescents with developmental, social or health problems in disadvantaged areas. It also promotes the interests and rights of children and their families. Its mandate is to offer, in a living environment integrated into the community, interdisciplinary health services to a vulnerable clientele that is at odds with the current service network.

For more information or make a donation: https://cpslaval.org/fr/10-ans-a-changer-des-vies/ (website available in French only)